Madaxweyne Shariif oo sheegay in la magacaabayo guddi ka shaqeynaya wadahadallo dhexmara DKMG ah ee Soomaaliya iyo Somaliland

Khamiis, Maarso 08, 2012 (Moment Media) — Madaxweynaha DKMG ah ee Soomaaliya, Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa maanta oo Khamiis ah sheegay inay sameynayaan guddi kasoo shaqeeya wahadallo dhexmara dowladda KMG ah iyo maamulka Somaliland oo horay ugu dhawaaqay inuu ka go’ay Soomaaliya inteeda kale.

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Leafy Narcotic Khat May be Funding Terror

Analysts believe that this benign-looking plant popular in the Middle East may be funding the Al Shabaab terrorist organization in southern Somalia.

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Standing with Ethiopia’s tenacious blogger, Eskinder Nega

It would be hard to find a better symbol of media repression in Africa than Eskinder Nega. The veteran Ethiopian journalist and dissident blogger has been detained at least seven times by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government over the past two decades, and was put back in jail on September 14, 2011, after he published a column calling for the government to respect freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and to end torture in prisons.

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SOMALILAND: President orders emergency meeting on Taleeh Conference

HARGEISA — HARGEISA — President Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo ordered an emergency meeting of both Houses of parliament on Thursday following the declaration of semi-autonomous state within Somaliland by tribal leaders in Taleeh in Sool region.

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Somaliland: 7 journalists arrested in a week, 3 still held

New York, January 13, 2012– The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by the recent spate of arrests of independent reporters in the semi-autonomous republic ofSomaliland

At least seven journalists have been arrested since last week, with three still in custody without being charged, local journalists said. According to Somaliland’s constitution, a judge can authorize police to hold a suspect without charge for up to 21 days for further investigations.

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Prof: CABDI ISMAACIIL SAMATAR (qudbad Taariikhi ah)

Demystifying Baadiyow, A Response

With the exception of very few personalities, TFG officials never attempted to justify in public the need to adopt the 4.5 discrimination clause under the current or under the proposed constitution of the country. Nor did we have the illusion that we would get a favorable reaction from them, because, at one time or another, most of them were the architects of this unfortunate disappointment in the first place.

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Yurub Oo Xaalufineysa Kalluunkii Afrika! (Daawo Video)

Maxaad kala socotaa lacagaha sida tooska ah loo siiyo Sheikh Shariif bil walba iyo dhaqaalihii soo galay Xukuumadii Cumar Cabdirashiid iyo Formaajo.

Dadka reer xamarka ama Banaadiriga ka xumaadeen ama ay ka soo horjeedaan waxa loogu yeero 4.5(Daawo Muuqaalkaan)